Paper reports and traditional PDF-files are becoming outdated formats because of their limitations. PDF reports are not marked with easy navigation, they lack the special elements like audio, video and graphical content. Inclusion of all these features in the digital format makes the digital reporting the most preferred reporting method in the current trend. In addition, digital media is environment friendly which makes digitization the need of the hour. Digital media with smooth navigation, accessibility, portability and platform independency is the right solution to get the maximum reach and viewership.

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The digital reporting solution suggested by Portu is based on the following three key platforms:

  1. Standard, non-custom, WordPress solution
  2., non-custom, graphical integration
  3. Portu e-magazine theme solution

Every digital report will be featuring these key functions:

  • An attractive meaningful home page
  • Intuitive navigation menu bar
  • Major content section menu and detailed content page
  • Swiper slider theme – to navigate among the sections of the report
  • Pictorial representation of data / events / reports
  • Video and picture gallery with suitable captions  
  • Key statements highlighted as quotes within the page and/or in sidebar
  • Highly responsive with any device and in any browser
  • Real-time environment for instant updates
  • Downloadable page PDFs – via link as per the requirement
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization capability
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Link to the SoMe like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Key admin solutions will include:

  • Individual WordPress user accounts with access control
  • Interactive Infogram chart editorial system
  • Interactive e-magazine admin system

Key benefits of Digital Reporting Format:

  • Offers key benefits for video, gallery, graphs and interactive content
  • Known interactive format for users – easy user acceptance
  • Known technical platform and established standard
  • Lightweight, responsive and flexible platform across devices
  • Reduced need for a new web-site structure development


Using our existing e-magazine publishing structure the key elements of the planning stage will be to establish the design and content elements that are specific to your needs.  

Basic stages in planning

  • Review current report content and requirements
  • Meet with the client to hear their ideas and requirements
  • Propose an initial design and structure for the report

Basic stages of design & development

  • Work with designer to match your overall organizational profile
  • Work with content providers to establish presentation requirements
  • Use our E-magazine template to make an initial draft design
  • Implement design and specific presentation requirements
  • Revision and adjustment based on internal feedback
  • Start work with data entry and final structure
  • Revise and adjust based on feedback
  • Establish an external test panel for final testing
  • Review, test, debug, edit and test again
  • Final presentation

Types of Report:

Formal & informal

Informal report:

Usually takes the form of memo, letter or a very short international document like a monthly financial report, monthly activity report, research and development report

Types of informal report:

  • Progress report
  • Sales activity report
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Financial Report
  • Feasibility Report
  • Literature Review
  • Credit report

Types of Formal report:

  • Information report
  • Analytical report
  • Recommendation reports

Information report presents results so readers can understand a particular problem or situation

Analytical reports presents results, analyze those results, and draw conclusions based on those results.

Recommendation report presents the results and conclusions that support the recommendations. This reports presents a recommendation for the matter spoken in the report.

Advantages of reports:

  • A report acts as an effective means of communication within the organization.
  • It provides feedback / information to employees and are useful for their growth.
  • Report facilitates decision making and planning.
  • Report provide reliable data which can be used in the planning and decision making process
  • It acts as a treasure house of reliable information.
  • Report discloses unknown information.
  • Report brings out the possibility for new business opportunities
  • They are widely used for future guidance.